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We design modern, academic, online learning experiences for all disciplines

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We have extensive experience in designing and building online distance and blended learning materials.

We can work with you to produce any type of computer-based learning, from MOOCs, induction modules, and staff training, to a complete course of study for undergraduate or postgraduate students.


Our expertise and flexibility allows us to:

  • Work with any subject or discipline
  • Design for any Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), platform, or tool
  • Produce rich media assets or full courses
  • Support the development of your online learning community

Programme Design

We use best practice principles to integrate your online content into an overall program design. We work with your academic teams to plan the sequencing and design of learning activities, modules.


To help you measure student performance and programme effectiveness, we design resources for assessment and evaluation, including self-assessment and peer assessment tasks.

Creative Multimedia

As educational multimedia specialists, we create online learning using the principles of multimedia learning to maximise student engagement with course material. Our digital media offerings include:

  • Animations
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Educational games
  • Assessment content
  • Illustrations and artwork

Samples Of Our Work


Contact us at Mooka Media to find out how we can work with you